Marquel Dionne - Vocal Arts
Why Soniq Xhibition?

1.    Collaboration between the arts and the audience
Soniq Xhibition is the result of the marriage between the song, the muse, the artist and the audience. It answers the questions, “How does the artist involve the audience in the creative process? What if the creative process was performance art?” As the model (while singing) flows from pose to pose and from song to song, the artists capture the experience on canvas.  The final product becomes more than just a painting or drawing, but a living, breathing story burned into the artists’ and the spectator audience’s memory. As a result, the audience has a multi-textural experience.  It is no longer merely entertainment, but a sensual activity that engages the whole being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  The audience inspires the process as much as the artists inspire the audience.
2.    Arts Education
*Expose audiences to music of different countries, cultures and languages.
*Expose audiences to domestic and international singers - with a specific focus on female artists - and educate them about their contributions to the musical arts.
*Introducing the “spectator audience” to the artists in their community.
*Educate audiences on the importance of the muse/inspiration as it pertains to the arts and in everyday life.
*Offer figurative artists an opportunity to practice and refine their drawing/painting skills.
*Emphasize to audiences of all ages of the importance of supporting the arts in their community.
3.    Offer quality arts entertainment
Exposure to the arts has many positive effects on humanity:

4.    Offer the community more variety in live music/live arts entertainment