Marquel Dionne - Vocal Arts
Soniq Xhibition

Musical Performance + Figurative Art Session + ‘Stop-Motion’ Dance
Marquel takes you on a musical adventure through time and space.  Experience the vintage pop music of France and the contemporary interpretations of Portuguese Fado and Italian Opera. And let’s not forget the delicious sounds of vintage American R&B and Soul.
Each song is powerfully performed with gesture poses, short poses, long poses and flowing movement.
The event structure will resemble a typical clothed figure drawing/painting session. Artists are encouraged to bring their easels, sketchbooks, canvases and media of their choosing. If you are going to paint or if you are using potentially “messy” media, please bring a tarp.
Spectators are encouraged to bring their appetite for musical adventure and a total immersion into the world of art, movement and sound.
Song Exhibition: French, American and Portuguese pop, folk and art songs; French, Italian and American Operatic Arias.

Artists:  This concert will be very similar to a typical clothed life drawing session.  It will include gestures, short and long poses. This is NOT a photography session. Photos are allowed for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY! Photos used for any other purpose require Marquel Dionne’s WRITTEN consent.  By purchasing a ticket and/or attending ANY Soniq Exhibition performances, you understand and comply with these terms. Thank you for your cooperation.